Sharepoint development improvements in Visual Studio 2010

Coding in Sharepoint is not so easy as developers get very minimum support from Visual Studio. For example, if a developer has to make a Web part then he or she has to go to Visual Studio and write down plenty of codes for creating a single control. Manytimes we also use SmartPart right. Hopefully, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 will offer various features that will make Sharepoint developers' life much more comfortable. I am quickly listing and briefing all those:

  • Web Part Designer: Developer will get designer support for creating web parts. It will work quite similar like the Smart Part but in a better way.
  • Debugging: Debugging Sharepoint applications will be done by "F5". Yeppi, it will be same like any other program in Visual Studio.
  • Sharepoint Server Explorer: All Sharepoint items like lists, document libraries, features and templates will be viewable with in Visual Studio and developers can change and manipulate it directly. Isn't it good guys?
  • WSP Import and Creation: There will be no need to create WSPs manually. Those will be created automatically.
  • Workflow Integration: A new ASP.NET Workflow Initiation Form for the Workflow project will be available with the designer support.
  • Packaging Editor: Package Explorer will be integrated which will support packaging and structuring various Features and WSPs.

    For more information on this, you can visit the following link :
    TechEd EMEA 2008 Keynote, Including SharePoint Tools for VS

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