ReportBuilder's RSAccessDenied error in SharePoint Integrated Mode

We have an environment where we are wirking with SSRS as SharePoint Integrated Mode. While accessing SSRS Reports thorugh Sharepoint site, we had a requirement that the reports have to be opened using ReportBuilder to make some slight changes and deploy quickly without any dependancies. Well, opening a report using report builder is not an issue but whenever user is trying to run the report from report builder, it is showing the following error:

Believe it or not, I spent almost 3-4 hours to find the issue. I thought it might be a user right related issue so I went to IIS and then try to implement the integrated windows authentication and other stuffs which I found by googling over the internet. But the issue was something completely different from what I was thinking.
I went to SharePoint Central Administration -> Set Server Defaults (Under Reporting Services Section). I noticed that the Enable Ad hoc Report Execution option was unchecked. This was the culprit. By checking this option, finally report builder started running the report. But the surprising thing was that by following the error message it was very hard to determine about what exactly went wrong. Dias Alegré.


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