10 Powerful features for Sharepoint

Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 and Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 provide very powerful and wide range of feature riched applicationd which can be very useful for Social Networking and daily computing in any bussiness environment. In this post, I am going to list down 10 very powerful features freely available at codeplex:

Podcasting Kit for SharePoint (PKS): Podcasting Kit for Sharepoint (PKS) helps to save time and money for an organization to deliver the next generation knowledgement management solution using social media. Any podcast enabled device along with the general web users can access this highly user interactive sharepoint feature. It is built with Silverlight 2.0 and Microsoft Expression Encoder 2.0 to provide the podcasting solution. To view more and to download the February 2009 beta edition, just go to http://pks.codeplex.com/.

Community Kit for SharePoint(CKS): Community Kit for Sharepoint (CKS) is a bouquet of rich features which make existing features in Sharepoint like blogs, wikis far more powerful and there are also some new stuffs. It offers following features:
Enhanced Blog Edition
Enhanced Wiki Edition
Enhanced Discussion Board Edition
Corporate Intranet Edition
Internet/Extranet Edition
User Group Edition (1.0)
School Edition
Home Owners Association Edition
Wedding Edition
External Collaboration Toolkit for SharePoint (Community Edition)

Some features may not be useful for a bussiness environment but most of them can be really helpful. Please go to http://cks.codeplex.com/ for more details.

ChartPart for Sharepoint: Have you ever tried to generate charts from Sharepoint lists? If you didn't or you were stuck in middle then you should use the ChartPart for Sharepoint. It is nothing but a pluggable Sharepoint web part which supports multiple graph types, custom colors, palletes and fonts with localization support (seven languages currently). Please go to http://chartpart.codeplex.com/ for more details.

Sharepoint KnowledgeBase: It is a Sharepoint web aprt which provides knowledgebase syatem for WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007. It helps users to maintain questions, answers, categories, ratings, feedbacks, comments and moderation. For more details visit http://spkb.codeplex.com/.

Google Maps Web Part for Sharepoint: Google Maps Web part for Sharepoint can be very useful when you want to display points and locations on your Sharepoint sites and get directions from those. Google Map API key is required to use this web part. Please go through the following link http://googlemapswebpart.codeplex.com/.

Sharepoint Poll Web Part: It is a web part which allows the site users to create a poll in the site collection. It is more easier to be used than the Survey List. Link for more details is http://spuserpoll.codeplex.com/.

Sharepoint Ad-Rotator: A very simple but useful web part to display rotating images and advertisements for your organization. Just go to http://spadrotator.codeplex.com/ for more information.

ChatterBox for Sharepoint: A tiny little ChatterBox web part can add group chatting functionality to your Sharepoint sites. There is no user to user chatting facility but still can be useful. For more details visit http://www.codeplex.com/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ProjectName=CKS&ReleaseId=4234.

MOSS Faceted Search: It is a set of web parts which makes Sharepoint search much more interactive. It groups, refines, displays, updates search results by Sharepoint API implemented facets. Want to see more, just go to http://facetedsearch.codeplex.com/.

SmartPart: Writing a SharePoint web part without designer support and code intelligence is a developer's nightmare. Thanks to SmartPart and Jan Tielens, lot of development time can be solved by simply using this feature. Just use a Web User Control in which you will get the full designer and intellisense support and deploy it to the web site's user controls folder. But you also have to make sure that the Smart Part feature is also installed on the specific Sharepoint site. I am not going to detail about this cool feature, just go to http://smartpart.codeplex.com/ for more details.


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